Getting Started Selling Products Online Beginners Guide

Like most small businesses your products or store has little or no national brand recognition. So how can you sell products online amongst the millions of other websites? Let this article serve as a guide to start selling your products online. There are an endless supply of tips and tricks to selling products online but the following are ones that I’ve had personal success with.

Professional Web Design

The overall look and feel of your website will have a great affect on people and the confidence to purchase from you. Most people are willing to make online purchases but with Internet fraud on the rise, you need a professional web site to build confidence in your customers. When new customers visit your site they typically won’t research your business before making a purchase, they decide based on how your site looks. See our article on Small Business Professional Web Site Design and Layout Guide for more tips.


Usability is very closely tied to the design and layout of your website. Website usability is the practice of making your website as easy for customers to use as possible. If you want potential customers to purchase your products, you must make it easy for them to locate your products and find out any information they need to make the purchase. If potential customers can’t locate products, descriptions, and prices quickly, they will go somewhere else. Many experts agree the the best websites allow viewers to navigate directly to products in three clicks.

Once customer is ready to purchase, the checkout process needs to be streamlined. Make the user fill out only what is required to make the sale with little extra. Don’t display page after page of additional products, popups, questions, etc… This will only lead to more people exiting the checkout process prematurely. Once they have made the decision to checkout, don’t give them any reason to change they’re mind.

You must accept credit card payments for online sales. Giving customers multiple checkout choices increase your chances of making a sale but most customers will still want to purchase using they’re credit card. Services like Pay Pal allow users without an account to purchase from your website securely without having an account.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEM is typically the process of marketing your website by paying search engines to display your ad when users search for particular terms. These ads are not part of the organic search results; rather they are displayed on the first page, many times above or to the right of the organic search results. This marketing has worked very well for many companies but it does cost money. Most services charge based on the number of times your ad is displayed (impressions) or the number of times your ad is clicked PPC (Pay Per Click). Most large search engines offer this service.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This is one of my favorite ways to market my websites. Search engines cannot tell you specifically what to do to increase your placement in organic search engine results. If they did, obviously everyone would change they’re websites to rank high in the search results. This would result in sites ranking high that are not relevant to your search. SEO is a science to many people, they study sites that rank high, formulate theories as to why they rank high, test these theories on they’re sites, and study the results. The three important things for small businesses to do from an SEO standpoint are:

1. Key phrases: Research popular key phrases. Find out what key phrases people use when searching for your product. You should define at least 6 key phrases for your products. Many times these key phrases include brand names. For instance, if you sold shoes online, some of your key phrases might be: Buy Shoes Online, Running Shoes, Brand X Shoes, etc…

2. Content: Populate your site with key phrase dense content. Make sure your site has the phrases you’re defined in step one repeated on your website. You can’t just list your key phrases; you must incorporate them into your website elegantly. This can be done by rewriting your product descriptions and writing key phrase dense content. In addition to making sure your key phrases exist in your content, make sure your content is unique. If your content can be found elsewhere on the web, you may be downgraded by the search engines and other sites with the same content may get preference in the results. Making your key phrases relevant and your content unique will increase your position in the results.

3. Links: Getting one way links to your site not only tell the search engines that you exist but can increase they’re trust in your website. The higher ranked site that is linking to you the more trust you will inherit from that site. Getting links from sites, directories, blogs, and social networking sites that have similar content will help build trust with the search engines resulting in a higher position in the search results. Additionally writing and submitting articles and news releases with a link back to your site will build trust with the search engines that your site is an authority on the subject at hand, thus increasing your ranking with them.

There are many other tips, tricks, and rules to SEO and the more you study and tweak your site the better your search engine results will be. Make sure what you do does not have a negative affect on your ranking. Stay away from automated software or services that submit your site, link farms, spamming, sites that are not easily navigated by search engines, sites that use frames, all flash sites, any black hat tricks, etc… Make sure you research anything before trying it.


Many people have found many ways to sell there products online. The following are two techniques that I have found successful

1. Selling large ticket items at cost. This technique is exactly how it sounds. If you can be the low price leader for your product this can generate sales and people linking to you. Obvously you won’t make money selling products at cost, rather when the sale is made you make extra money on accessories or at lease gain a customer. Customers are loyal to websites they have already purchased from, especially if they received good service.

2. Selling unique or customizing your product. This can set you apart from others. You will obviously have the foothold on a unique product and limit your competition if you customize your products. Your task is to build the perception that your unique or customized product is worth the extra cost (if any). Building value in your product will reduce your competition thereby increasing your chance of making a sale.

If you do not produce your own products, try to find as many products to offer as possible, the more the better. This only increases your chance of offering the product a customer may need. Additionally, from an SEO perspective, rewrite all your descriptions replacing abbreviations and using keywords where possible. This will create uniqueness for your products increasing your ranking in the search engine results.

This is truly a beginner’s guide to selling products online but following these guidelines will result in a solid foundation to build on.

Selling Products Online – 10 Sure-Fire Ways of Selling Your Products Online

Selling products online is an art which is mainly related to the constant activities that are involved in ensuring that your business continue to meet customer needs and you select the products that provide superior services. The success of your business depends on your ability to sell products online. The 3 things can make your selling strategies effective:

1) Finding those customers, who are searching for the products that you are selling.

2) Knowing their needs and giving them a reason to buy.

3) Developing skills for convincing your customers and converting them into buyers.

The real selling process starts with your website as the first impression of your website determines to some extent whether or not you’re going to make a sale. You can use your website as a fantastic online marketing tool, by doing magnetic presentations and focusing on your product benefits while selling products online. It should be developed in such a way that it makes people more inclined to trust you.

The key to making profits in a shortest possible time is to find out the customers who are eager to buy your products. Once you are able to find the desperate buyers who are in a way losing sleep over their problems, you will be automatically on your way to make big sales, as these buyers would not hesitate to buy your products even for little extra cost, if they find that you have the right solution to their problems.

10 sure-fire ways of selling your products online:

1. Know everything about the products or the services that you want to sell online.

2. Make your website attractive by inserting banners, scripts, sample texts and anything else that will add more value to your products.

3. Write Product description in detail and provide maximum possible benefits to inspire people to come to the decision of buying.

4. Improve your selling skills and presentation techniques.

5. Create appealing sales page that establishes creditability and triggers the buying process.

6. Add subsidiary benefits along with the main product benefits. Suppose you are selling e-Books. Then sell related products and services like tools to create e-Books within 7 days, make attractive e-book cover designs, etc., to make additional profits.

7. Find out the places where you can advertise your business successfully.

8. Try different ads to increase sign-up’s and conversion rates.

9. Revise your selling strategies to ensure that your business continues to grow.

10. Offer variety of options to order and contact you to prove that you are a genuine person.

Most of the sales are lost because of your inability to help the customers to come to the buying decision. So it is strictly necessary to develop skills to overcome this problem. This can be resolved to great extent by offering some complimentary gifts or attractive bonuses at the end of the sales page which your customer will see as a good bargain before coming to the conclusion of buying your products.

Master the art of selling, to make the process easier, while selling products online. Adding testimonials to your sales page of potential buyers or known person increases the conversion rates, as people always like to hear that what they are about to buy have been useful to other people. Using the above strategies you can remain much ahead of others by selling your products online much faster.

What You Need to Sell Products Online

It has become all too common for merchants to start selling products online. This is mainly because a lot of customers prefer the convenience of buying items through the internet. The good news is that it is easy for anyone to put up things for sale and start generating cash. If you want to start earning through the internet, you need at least three things to get started.

Good Product

A lot of different things can be sold on the web, ranging from an old pair of shoes to real estate. If you’re just starting out though, it is usually a good idea to first consider hawking items that are easily available. If you already have a small retail store, you might want to simply set up a website and start to sell products online from your store. If you don’t have an offline business, you can look around for small items in your home that you can earn from. These can include collectibles, books, handmade items and clothes.

You might also want to tap into your knowledge base and create a product out of what you are already passionate about. In other words, you can put together an eBook or what is otherwise also known as an info product. You can sell your knowledge about whatever you are an expert at, as long as the information you provide is very useful and is about a topic that a good number of people would be interested in.

Product Creation Tool

You don’t have to bust your brains a lot if you intend to sell products online that are already pre made. If you’re considering developing your own items though, you need a good product creation tool that can walk you through the process. You might imagine that there’s nothing to creating your own ebook. The basic tools simply include a text or document application and instructions on how to convert your work into an ebook. To make your product truly worth selling though, you also need to think about such things as cover design, content organization and content graphics.

Other than the actual product itself, you also need to look into internet marketing elements. A comprehensive product creation platform should at least provide access to related marketing tools. When selling products online the most basic marketing tool that you need is a website. Some tools for making info products feature insights about building simple sales sites.

Merchant Platform

The final requirement is a place to put your product for sale. The easiest way to earn on the internet these days is through auction sites where people can bid on your item. Alternatively, there are now a couple of virtual communities and companies that serve as markets. Some of the best ones offer the works from product listing, payment processing and refund processing. Good services also offer help with problem resolution in the event that customers have technical or payment complaints.

The internet truly has made selling products online easy. Even if you don’t own a big business, you can easily make good cash with your computer and an internet connection. You just have to make sure that you have a good product and merchant platform.

Here You Can Discover the Best Approach to Selling Products Online

If starting your own online business from home is what you want or need to do right now, you have made the right choice. There are countless of business opportunities you can find online. All of these opportunities, in one way or another involves selling. Here, you will find the best approach to selling products online.

The Best Way to Make Money Online

Your best way to make money online is to choose your niche where you can present yourself as an expert in selling the products that you know very well or are highly interested about. As a beginner to internet marketing, you must be able to capitalize on your skills and your existing resources to start earning money online from home.

Take the Necessary Action to Sell

You know that the best way to make money online is to know what it is that you want to sell. When you already know what you want, you must take the necessary action to sell it. This means that you have to find the time to analyze the market including the challenges you have to meet and the competition you have to face.

With your analysis, you must be able to identify the right internet marketing tools to use to capture your desired share of the market. You should focus your efforts in selling products online that cater to needs and wants of your target market or niche. Find the most appropriate method to reach your audience, as you have carefully studied.

Build Your Website and Drive the Necessary Traffic to Your Site

You must increase your online presence and have a representation of your business online. One of the best ways to do this is to create your own website and drive the necessary traffic to it. Your website becomes the focal point of your targeted traffic where they can readily get the solution they need that your business offers.

In increasing the volume of your traffic, there are several methods to implement. You can use article marketing where articles that relate to the products or services you promote to sell online are submitted to various article directories in the internet. Internet users with specific interests and needs usually go to the directories to find the solution. Post the solution in front of them together with a captivating invitation to click on the link your have provided.

Build Your List

Your list is actually the key to making money online. It is your subscribers who have opted to be included in your list. You send them email messages that update or inform them about your offers that are relevant to their needs and wants. This list is what is going to bring you the money.

Selling products online can give you the profit you want to earn from your business. You just have to work hard to earn the trust of your target market so they will opt-in to your list. From there, succeeding steps can be easy to monetize from your list.